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Severe warning of farm insurance placement

Today, as we hear the internet farm insurance provider, DUAL…
Straw Bales

Boroughbridge and Aldborough Show

It was a hot and sunny day on 24th July when Deborah Schofield…
Charolaise and Limousin cows
Harvest in France 2016

French Harvest 2016

French winter barley harvest on July 6th 2016 in Chatillon…
Adequate Farm Insurance
Cereals 2016
Ayr Invite
Farm Safey - Forklift in operation

You can’t put a price on Farm Safety

People tend to think of farm safety as something that’s…
Rural Crime - what can be done?

Rural Crime - What can be done?

Rural Crime is still a major problem throughout the UK and…
Why do we Insure?

Why do we insure?

We can all churn out quotations, but an important part of…