Farmers fight back against theft!It's been nicked - website

The farming community has always been renowned for coming together in trying times and finding its own solutions to difficult problems. Another prime example of this has been one Herefordshire farms answer to the blight of theft, both on their farm and others in the U.K.

By utilising the modern tools of the internet and social networking, an emerging online neighbourhood watch community for farming theft is being created. is a website where your recently stolen items can be listed, allowing other users or visitors to keep their eyes out for your property. The site can also be used by dealers, or prospective buyers to cross check a potential purchase to see if it has been listed as stolen on the website.

Angela Jefferson, of Hall End Farm, Ledbury was recently quoted in the Farmers Weekly saying "The website is all about helping people to help themselves. The more publicity we get, the more people we can get using the site and the more goods we can help recover."

Information that can be put on the site includes detailed descriptions of the property, photos and the time and place that it went missing. Owners do not post their own contact details on the site, instead they must post the police incident number and can also include the contact details of the insurer. Current items posted include tractors, trailers and tools, as well as more harrowing thefts of pets, horses and livestock.

Farmers & Mercantile see this as a proactive and positive effort in the fight against farm crime, with obvious benefits for our clients, especially in regards to their insurance. A quickly reclaimed item could save you needing to make a claim, or will help reduce the amount an insurer needs to pay. This will give you a better claims experience and help stop a sharp rise in your premiums the following year.

So keep your eyes peeled and don’t be afraid to cross check any future purchases on this new website if you have any misgivings about the origin of the property. 

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