Check before you buy, if it’s not an agricultural motor policy – is there cover for your trailer?

Barbara Adnitt

Written by: Barbara Adnitt, Farmers & Mercantile

When purchasing a policy for your commercial vehicles and/or private cars to cover them for towing trailers (including livestock trailers and the like), care is needed to ensure that it provides extended cover to include damage to the actual trailer, as well as Third Party Liability for damage caused by the trailer in the event of an accident.  All policies should pick up the Third Party aspect as this is compulsory, however it is a case of ‘buyer beware’ with regards to cover on the actual trailer.  If you purchase a bespoke agricultural vehicle policy this will extend to include your trailers being towed by a vehicle insured under the policy, as well as whilst they are ‘detached.’  Limits vary between insurers in respect of the individual value of the trailer, which you will need to note.

Young DriversWe are all aware due to constant media advertising of car and van insurers currently offering cheap quotations, however a recent case has highlighted the need to point out that ‘cheap’ is just that and ‘cheap’ for a reason – it will not provide the levels of cover that the farmer needs to indemnify him for damage to his trailer – even if the policy is extended for business purposes.  The trailer would need to be specified (and an additional premium charged) to cover the trailer itself (if the direct insurers are even prepared to cover the trailer for agricultural use).

For the reasons stated above and to summarise – buyer beware – cheap is cheap for a reason, do not fall foul of the pitfalls of not arranging the correct cover to match the demands and needs of the agricultural sector.

Farmers & Mercantile arrange bespoke agricultural vehicle policies designed with the farmer in mind and thus offering a wide range of additional benefits to the standard ‘off the shelf’ private car or commercial vehicle policy.