john deere 6930
LAMMA 2018
F&M hands-on machinery inspection
paige learning to jive

Where food is coming from

From field to fork...
F&M Yorkshire RABI

Typical... awful weather

Awful weather until I got to the office
Oilseed Rape Crop

Crop and input insurance

Thirsk stock sale

What a Monday

Visiting clients and typing up notes...
FM ripon office party

Cattle coming in for winter

Getting ready to bring the cattle in for winter & an office party - a busy week...
beware gentleman's agreement
more mud at Nidderdale Show

Nidderdale Show - Pateley Bridge

Mud and more mud at the Nidderdale Show but great fun too...
one of the benefits of working outdoors

It’s Friday! Yay

A week of meeting new clients, giving safety training for young farmers, setting up for a show...
heading to university
beingpaige RABI

Me again, Paige, Heyy!

No meetings while hanging off a bridge for R.A.B.I
little heifer

When it rains it pours…

On-farm visits happen where the farmer needs to be...
farm diversification projects
Paige walking the dog

Paige's Introduction

Like many young people from Agricultural...