Heading off to Uni…

Ensure the family is protected

It’s that time of year again, this week people across the country are starting University or College.

heading to universityInsurance will be the last thing on their minds and equally far down the list of parents but it’s important to ensure correct cover is in place to ensure valuable items such as laptops, mobile phones are jewellery are covered when away from the family home.

Many Universities and Colleges may offer some level of cover if staying in halls of residencies (often with a significant cost). Did you know that cover for these items can be extended on the farmers combined policies, if this policy also covers the main family home and contents. This will ensure proper protection is in place.

It’s equally important for those returning to University that their term time address is kept up to date each year.

A final point worth keeping in mind is that normally theft cover will be subject to “forcible or violent entry”. This is common clause and means that should items be stolen or go missing when “ a friend of a friend of a friend “ is in the flat there would be no cover.

All clients must inform their broker of any such changes, if you have any children heading to University or College anytime soon please feel free to contact us.