How to make a claim

Helpful Tips and Hints

Here are some simple steps and tips to take in the event of a claim

Motor claims

  • If you have been involved in an accident or your vehicle is stolen, please contact us as soon as possible and one of our dedicated claims handlers will support and guide you throughout the process.


  • For glass claims, please contact one of your insurers approved repairers. Alternatively, if you use a non-approved repairer, your claim may be subject to and increased excess or policy limit.


  • If your vehicle has suffered damage, repairs can be arranged by an approved network repairer. They will assess your vehicle and carry out repairs. If you wish to use your own repairer, please provide a written repair estimate with photos of the vehicle damage, serial number and miles recorded.


  • Do not admit liability. If you are contacted by a third party or their representative, please advise us immediately and pass us any correspondence you receive unanswered.


  • For accidents where you are not at fault and the other party have accepted responsibility, your insurers will seek recovery of your losses. If you have opted for Motor Legal Expenses insurance, any legal fees from this action will be covered by your policy.


Criminal Damage & Theft

  • If your claim has involved theft or malicious damage, please report to the Police and take note of the crime reference number and details of when you notified them.


  • Please take photos of any damage as evidence to support your claim


  • For lost or stolen items, please provide proof of purchase and estimates on a like for like basis



  • Your safety is important during a flood. Before you do anything, please turn off your gas, electricity and water supplies if possible. Do not turn it back on until you have been assured by a registered professional that it is safe to do so


  • Consider moving important items to a safer place or upstairs if safe and possible to do so



  • Subsidence can cause extensive damage and therefore requires expert advice in determining the cause of the movement


  • We can arrange for insurers to appoint independent engineers, loss adjusters and surveyors to investigate the damage a draft a schedule of repair works


Business Interruption

  • Please let us know immediately if there has been any business interruption as a result of an incident. It is possible Insurers will require access to your business’s finances and insurers may appoint specialist accountants to assist with these claims


Legal Advise

  • If you have a legal query, you can call your legal expenses Insurer with your policy number, who will be able to advise you on your policy cover and how to pursue your claim


Legal liability

  • If an incident occurs that leads to injury or property damage involving an employee or member of the public, please notify us immediately and will guide you through the process


  • Send us any letters or communication received in connection with an incident immediately, as these often have strict legal time frames in which your insurer must respond


  • Do not make any admission of responsibility for an incident to a claimant or their representatives, without the agreement of your  insurer


  • Send us full written details and documentation relating to the issue. If in any doubt, contact us for advice


  • We will report the matter to your insurer and they will investigate to determine if you are legally liable for the claim. This may include appointing a liability loss adjuster or representative and specialist solicitor to act on your behalf


Financial claims

  • These could be policies such as Directors & Officers, Professional indemnity, Legal expenses, Management liability or Employment practices liability insurance


  • Many of these policies react on a claims made basis. This means that no matter what the date of an incident your current policy will be used to respond to your claim. Please contact us as soon as possible and your dedicated claims handler will guide you through the process.


  • It is vital you inform us prior to undertaking and legal action or incurring any legal fees or costs, as failure to do so may invalidate your policy cover.


  • Policies of this type require you to notify any incident including any allegations, disputes or grievances raised which may rise to a claim against you. Such examples are:

HSE/HMRC investigations

Grievance raised by an employee

Allegations of professional negligence


  • You will need to provide the date you first became aware of the circumstances which give rise to a claim, with a chronology of the events.


  • Details of the circumstances together with your comments on liability and potential value of the claim


Freight/Haulier claims

  • Please contact us immediately as transit and marine insurance has strict time limits in respect of claim notification


  • Prompt notification will ensure that Insurers are given the opportunity to fully investigate claims involving damage to goods


  • Provide full details including:

Date of incident

How the loss occurred

Location of the goods

Details of the other parties involved

Copy of correspondence issued within 7 days of the incident holding the carrier responsible

Transit documents

Details that movement was under RHA or CMR condition of carriage

Photos of the damage

Commercial invoice including weight of consignment

Any correspondence you have received from other parties involved.


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