Me again, Paige, Heyy!

So on Saturday I took part in a charity Abseil for the Royal Agricultural Benevolence Institute also known as RABI. My Abseil involved lowering myself 40 meters in the wind and rain off a viaduct in Whitby down a piece of rope. Maybe not the best idea I have had, I was however treated to a Chinese takeaway and much needed gin and tonic after I completed it!

The R.A.B.I charity is very close to my heart, they work closely with the farming community to support farmers and their families in times of need or crisis. I have been a fundraising volunteer for the R.A.B.I for 4 years now.

I always try and spend Mondays in the office. I like to try and have a day of organisation before I spend the week out and about. I have spent this morning tying up loose ends, chasing insurers and dealing with any queries that came in over the weekend.

The run up to October is a very busy time of year for us as many of our clients have renewals due then. I spend a lot of time working through my client’s renewals, making sure their cover is correct, if I can offer them any enhancements and with farmers most importantly that the price is right!

This afternoon I will be working on the renewal for a client who has diversified into Green Waste Recycling. This aspect of their business has now grown to be larger than the farm. This means he now requires a specialist product to cover this part of the risk. I enjoy the challenge of sourcing cover for diversifications like this, it’s something different.

I am also waiting to hear on how our lambs did at the market today. Yesterday I spent the day helping my partner sort the lambs for market; making sure they were the correct weight, healthy and ear tagged! The lamb trade has been very good this year, especially comparing with the last few years. This is likely due to the weak value of the pound as this means it is more expensive for buyers to import lamb and other products from abroad. All good news for our British farmers!

If anyone would like to donate to the R.A.B.I they can do via my just giving page;

Paige with RABI fundraisers

Paige's abseil