Nidderdale Show…

Mud & more mud

Autumn is definitely on its way in! The mornings are getting chilly, the fields are slowly turning from gold to brown as farmers continue cultivating the land, and there was so much rain on Monday at the Nidderdale show that we were nearly washed away!

On Monday I joined my colleagues at the Nidderdale Show in Pateley Bridge. Wet is an understatement when describing the weather throughout the day, and even though a member of the team has an expected case of trench foot we still had a really enjoyable day. I love going to shows with work, I feel providing hospitality for clients is a great way to say thank you, it is also a good way to catch up clients and have a non insurance related chat.

The show was very busy with over 15,000 people in attendance. There were a lot of entries across the livestock classes and all the animals were to a very high standard. I always like to have a wander through the cattle classes to see if any of our cows at home would compete. This year’s main attraction was camel racing. I wonder where they get their insurance from…

The rest of the week hasn’t been quite as exciting as Monday was but still very busy with client appointments and sorting their insurances. I mentioned in an earlier blog, that I was trying to source cover for a Green Waste Recycling plant. I managed to find a specialist product and presented the quotation to the client today. The client was pleased with the product and the wide cover it offered. Fingers crossed they choose to go ahead with the quotation. New business is always exciting as you never know if you’re going to actually get the business, and when you do it is certainly a mini victory.

In farming news, we have seen the end of the EU Sugar Quotas. This is exciting for British farmers as it really means they are able to ramp up the amount of Sugar Beet grown here and reduce the amount of Sugar Cane imported from abroad. 10 years ago York saw its Sugar Beet factory close, but following the end of the Quotas there is planning for a new one to open. This gives a great opportunity to farmers in the North Yorkshire area as the returns on Sugar Beet are much higher than that of other crops. Remember to buy Silver Spoon sugar and support British Farming!

more mud at Nidderdale Show
Mud at Nidderdale Show