beingpaige walking the dog

Hello and welcome to my first blog!

I thought I would start by introducing myself. My name is Paige Dalby, I am 23 years old and I live in York, North Yorkshire.

Paige walking the dogFrom a young age I have always been happiest in a pair of muddy wellies and growing up in the Yorkshire countryside, mud was certainly not hard to come by!

Around 30 years ago my family diversified from Pig Farming into running a Horticultural Nursery growing and selling flowers wholesale to Garden Centres. From a young age I always enjoyed helping at home and learning from my dad. Unfortunately, like many young people from Agricultural backgrounds, there is not always the opportunity or demand to work at home full time.

After finishing school I soon realised that I wanted a job which would keep me connected to the agriculture world but also allowed me to hide behind a pane of glass when it was raining!

I started working in the agricultural insurance sector that was 5 years ago now, how time flies! After 5 years of working behind the scenes supporting farmers throughout the UK I joined the ‘On-Farm Team’ (this is what we call the advisers that are on the road visiting the farmers to insurer they have the correct insurance cover). Although the role is challenging and no day is the same I am really enjoying it. I get to spend a lot of time on farms and get to build relationships with my clients.