What’s the impact on your insurances when the UK leaves the EU?

Vehicle insurance cover in Europe post Brexit

Whilst we remain in the EU there is no need to advise us when you drive your vehicles abroad or carry a Green Card. However, if you intend to travel in Europe with your vehicle from the 12th April 2019 (or any subsequent agreed withdrawal date) you must contact us with your dates of travel and we will arrange adequate cover with your motor insurer.

driving in europe post brexit

Drivers will also be required to carry a physical Green Card whilst driving through Europe. Green Cards can only be obtained from your insurance providers.

A number of countries across Europe have also advised that drivers with UK driving licences will be required to obtain an IDP (International Driving Permit). More information on this can be found on the Government website.

If you have not made adequate arrangements you may not be able to cross European Borders (this is equally relevant for trips crossing the Irish/Northern Ireland border).

From 12th April 2019, all commercial trailers weighing over 750kg and non-commercial trailers weighing over 3,500kg must be registered with the DVLA before travel to or through most European countries. These trailers also require a separate Green Card.

Travel Insurance

The European Commission have not clarified whether the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) system will continue to operate. Clients should carry a copy of their travel insurance documents with them or their insurers medical assistance contact number should they be injured or fall ill abroad.

For further help and advice, or to request a Green Card please ring 01604 782782, email us at info@fandmgroup.co.uk. or speak to your usual On-Farm Insurance Adviser.