Where food is coming from

…from field to fork

Every day my dad will ask me what I have learnt today, usually I will reply with I don’t know followed with an eye roll, however today I have learnt something new. This morning I visited a new prospect who had some of his sheep escape from their field into a wood during the summer, the sheep had managed to gorge themselves on some Hydrangea bushes. The Hydrangea bushes cause sheep, and most animals, to suffer from gastro-enteritis. In this instance the sheep had unfortunately eaten so much of the plant that they were poisoned and died. I will now be keeping an eye out for any Hydrangea bushes growing near us at home!

On Tuesday evening our young farmers club went for a tour around the abattoir here in York. I can’t say it was my favourite young farmers meeting but it was really interesting to see what happened. Coming from a farming background I have always known where our stock was going, but not necessarily how it ended and the art of butchery. I was really impressed by the incredibly high welfare standards the abattoir had. I think it’s really important that the general public understand where their food is coming from and the efforts that are put into the full process from field to fork.

This evening I am having my first dancing lesson for the RABI Strictly Dinner and Dance! My dancing partner Sam and I are complete novices and have 3 weeks to now master a Jive. Please don’t laugh too much at our photos!

Talk soon