Who will handle my insurance claim?

How can I be sure my needs and being met and fully represented?

Q.How do I know who will handle my insurance claim? There seems to be so many people involved in the process, how can I be sure my needs and being met and fully represented?

who handles insurance claimA.In the unique working environment of the farming sector, access to focused and expert business support is essential to enable you to concentrate on your core activities. It is unrealistic to expect you to be fully aware of all your insurance responsibilities, therefore it is crucial to use the services of an insurance broker with extensive farm knowledge and experience.

In a climate of competitive premiums within the insurance market, getting the best all-round deal with the widest cover is key, but it is essential to have access to professional farm insurance expertise. Brokers without dedicated farm knowledge will likely only work through an insurance wholesaler, and there is often an introducer such as a buying group or retailer involved.

Our heritage at Farmers & Mercantile (F&M) as specialist farm insurance brokers, provides us with the knowledge and expertise to deliver farming insurance services. We understand farming, in fact the vast majority of our team either come from a farming background or are still involved on the family farm, so we are committed to establishing your needs and delivering on them.

This means you are involved from the very start with the policy selection. All of our on-farm advisers have extensive farming insurance experience, and they will work with you to select the most appropriate insurance arrangements.

From this point, right through to the reporting of a claim, you will be supported by a team with a deep understanding of farming and of your individual policy. Our claim handlers work alongside our on-farm advisers, meaning claims resolution is a combined team effort. By regularly reviewing claims trends, policy wordings and insurer performance, our products and services always remain competitive and relevant.

We operate a transparent service, dealing directly with you and the insurer, and with access to the wider market. Not only does this mean we can deliver the most appropriate service, but clients can be guaranteed they are only ever insuring with reputable insurers.”

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Sally Wood, Farmers & Mercantile

This article was first published in the The Farmer (August edition)