Always something new to learn in the farming industry

I and a number of colleagues from the Yorkshire Branch were invited to attend a two day Farm Awareness Course at Bishop Burton College.

Having worked in Agricultural Insurance for 17 years, attended various farm tours and events over the years I was slightly dubious as to what I could learn. However, as Office Manager of the Yorkshire Branch I am constantly encouraging the team to take opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills, we are also 4 weeks into the School Summer Holidays and a child free night away seemed too good an opportunity to miss!

During our two days away we had a crash course into everything farming, from latest trends, developments in agricultural technologies and practical insights on the College’s farm.

On day one we spent most of the morning looking into facts and figures, what the top three crops grown worldwide, what we actually use as a country production wise and then what we import and export. Into the afternoon we focused on arable farming, how everything works, crop cycles, crop rotations, and cost implications. We looked into the growing trends of using Precision farming, drones and other AgTechs. This was particularly interesting as it is a new and developing area that agricultural insurances are having to evolve with to stay current.

Day two was heavily based around livestock farming. Bishop Burton College run a Pig, Sheep, Beef and Dairy enterprise. We spent time in the classroom learning about the varying production cycles farmers may use, animal welfare and how different breeds offer different benefits. Following this and going onto the farm really made what we had learnt come to life, we were able to envisage what the farmer was doing, and from an insurance perspective where the real risks lie and where claims could arise from.

James FisherJames Fisher
Office Manager – Yorkshire Branch